Hours of Operation

October 28 through 31st 8:00-11:00

The Monster Monastery

Hay Wagon Rides


We will be staring a new attraction this year.  The Haunted Wagon ride will be touring haunted locations on the property.

This year we would like to fill our casket with non-perishable food items for The Leslie Outreach.  It is always free to go through, but we do accept voluntary cash donations which will also go to the The Leslie Outreach.

It is always free to go through

We do accept voluntary donations that will be given to our local charities.

The Penn Asylum

Welcome to the 2022 Monster Monastery - Penn Asylum.  This year brings us a whole new level of scares, entertainment, and fun. 

  • This is a 2500 sq/ft haunted house with, animatronics, scares, and lots of eye candy.
  • We are a low gore, high startle family friendly event.
  • It is always free to go through.
  • We do accept voluntary donations for our charity The Leslie Outreach. We also accept non-parrishable food items.