about The Monster Monastery

the Folklore:

    Long ago a rich aristocrat named Lord Emils built a monastery to house a special type of treasure, a treasure only valuable to Lord Emils.  Lord Emils had an unhealthy obsession with the paranormal. occult, and evils of humanity.  In his quest to quench his thirst he employed several monks to travel the world and collect these oddities.  The monks would use spells and incantations to ensnare the specimens and transport them back to the monastery for evaluation, and observation.  As with all things Lord Emils passed away as did the monks, leaving no one to recite the incantations to keep the atrocities confined. The spells eventually failed releasing its captors to run amok in the monastery,

    You have come here to see if the myths are true, believe me they are. 

​​​The Monster Monastery